Desmond Doyle

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Desmond Doyle, father of six, was living in Dublin when he learned that his wife had left him and their family.  One of their children was a daughter named Evelyn.  

The whole family was stunned by this development.  To keep supporting his family, Desmond went to England where he found better-paying work.  Since their mother was no longer in their lives, the children needed to be cared-for while their father was away.

Twenty-nine-year-old Desmond was advised to put his children into the Industrial Schools system which was run by the government.  Thinking that made sense, and planning to be away for just a short time, Desmond followed that advice.

When he returned to Ireland, Mr. Doyle was shocked again.  This time he learned that the government planned to keep his children in the Industrial School system until they each reached the age of 16.

With expert legal help, from people who also believed the system had to change, Desmond took-on Ireland's ministry of education to get his children back.  At the end of the fight, he had forced a change in the law.

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Image of Desmond Doyle with his children.  Online, courtesy Evelyn Doyle.  PD


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