Destroy Warsaw! Hitler's Punishment, Stalin's Revenge

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Andrew Borowiec was one of the freedom fighters in Warsaw during the 1944 uprising. 

His story helps English-language readers understand what happened during the resistance and its immediate aftermath (when 8 out of every 10 buildings were destroyed by Hitler’s forces).

The publisher tells us more about this work:

Written by a survivor of the Warsaw Uprising, this book examines the background of the ill-fated 63-day uprising that pitted poorly armed Polish civilians and volunteers against Hitler's well-armed and veteran forces. Borowiec also examines Stalin's decision to stand by while Warsaw and its defenders were destroyed.

Borowiec provides a day-by-day account of the combat and the efforts to resupply the partisans by Allied aircraft. In this, the first English-language history of the Uprising, Borowiec relies on his own experiences, those of other participants, and other materials not usually available to Western scholars and researchers interested in World War II. His firsthand account brings those 63 days to life.

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