Detail Drawing of Conestoga Wagons

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This drawing compares the size and capacity of a Conestoga Wagon versus a covered "Emigrant-Farm Wagon."

Conestoga Wagons were an important part of the Western Migration of Americans during America's period of westward expansion. In the image below, according to the Library of Congress, we see a "Typical Immigrant Outfit, Central Oregon." 


This photo—by B.B. Bakowski—was taken on or about the 5th of December, 1910. The Library of Congress describes it with these simple words:

Group in a horse-drawn Conestoga wagon.

The image is now in the public domain since its copyright was not renewed.

Sometimes people in Conestoga Wagons stopped at inns during their journeys. In this image of a chromolithograph—published by E. Sachse & Co., from Baltimore, circa 1872—we see such an event.


Entitled "American Scenery - The Inn on the Roadside," the print is described (by the Library of Congress) with these words:

Print showing a busy autumn scene outside an inn at a crossroads, in the lower right, a man drives a cart hauling slaughtered pigs, at center is a conestoga wagon in front of the inn, to the right of center, in the middle distance, is a cluster of buildings.

There are also no copyright restrictions for this image.

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Image of drawing online, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


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