Diary of Anne Frank - July 5, 1942

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Not long after she received her diary, as a birthday present, Anne Frank and her father took a walk together near their Amsterdam home.  For the first time, Otto told his younger daughter of his plans to go into hiding.

Anne was shocked.  Her father had a successful business—called Opekta—which he ran with his business partner, Hermann van Pels.  (In her diary, Anne refers to van Pels as Mr. van Daan.) 

Although she knew that Nazi restrictions on Jewish businesses had caused her father to have little to do in his company, Anne was scared when she heard she would have to leave her home.

Where would they hide?  When would they have to go? 

As Anne writes her diary entry for the 5th of July, 1942, the doorbell rings.  The first ring is her friend.  The second ring announces the delivery of really bad news.

That bad news would speed-up Otto Frank's plan to move his family into a vacant area in his company's building, located at Prinsengracht 263.  ("Prinsengracht," in Dutch, means the "Prince's Canal," one of Amsterdam's major canals.)

Anne's diary entry—for the 5th of July, 1942—is read by Carole Bos (creator of Awesome Stories).


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The Diary of a Young Girl, entry for the 5th of July, 1942, read by Carole Bos.  Copyright for The Diary of a Young Girl, "The Anne Frank - Fonds," Basel, Switzerland, all rights reserved.  Excerpt from the diary provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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