Diary of Anne Frank - July 8, 1942

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Three days after Anne Frank told "Kitty" about an unsettling conversation with her father - that the Frank family may have to go into hiding somewhere - Anne was writing about the move. 

No one could have predicted it would happen as quickly as it did.  A devastating event, however, had forced the issue for the Frank family.

On the very day Anne noted the ringing of a doorbell in her diary - July 5, 1942 - a messenger delivered a letter containing very bad news for Margot, Anne's 16-year-old sister.  She had been selected to work in a German labor camp and was ordered to report to Amsterdam's central train station ten days later (on the 15th of July).  If she failed to register, her entire family was subject to arrest.

Anne and Margot's parents had been worried about such a development.  Because they had been preparing, in advance, the family was able to leave for their "secret annex"—called Het Achterhuis * ("the back house") in Dutch—the very next day.

Four Dutch friends, who had worked with Otto Frank, would help the family for the entire time they lived in the annexMiep Gies, who found - and protected - Anne's diary, after the Frank family was likely betrayed and arrested by the Gestapo, lived to be 100 years old.  Both she and her husband, Jan Gies, helped others beyond the people who lived in the annex.  They tell their story in this video.

In addition to the Frank family, Otto's partner - Hermann van Pels - and his wife (Auguste) and son (Peter) shared the cramped annex space.  So did one other individual, Fritz Pfeffer.  Life, in those tight quarters, was very difficult for Anne.

Anne's diary entry - for the 8th of July, 1942 - is read by Carole Bos (creator of Awesome Stories).

* Het Achterhuis was also the title of the first publication of Anne's diary.  Otto Frank explains why he decided to let the world learn about - and read - his daughter's private journal and her life in the secret annex.  The Anne Frank House, in Amsterdam - now a museum - provides a detailed, illustrated time line for the events which happened to Anne and her family.


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The Diary of a Young Girl, entry for the 8th of July, 1942, read by Carole Bos.  Copyright for The Diary of a Young Girl, "The Anne Frank - Fonds," Basel, Switzerland, all rights reserved.  Excerpt from the diary provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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