Did Jackie Robinson Take a Stand Against an Unjust Law?


The actual charges brought against Jackie Robinson were for disrespecting superior officers and not for refusing to give-up his bus seat. Do you believe the actual charges were as stated—or—do you think the real motivation for the arrest and trial was Robinson's stand against an unjust law?

Later in life, Jackie's wife—Rachel Robinson—said this about her husband:

His beliefs were his beliefs and he would fight for them.

What were the beliefs that Jackie Robinson was fighting for when he refused to move to the back of the bus, as ordered by a white man?

When did you first realize that Jackie Robinson had refused to give-up his bus seat many years before Rosa Parks refused to do the same thing? Why do you suppose that this episode of Robinson's life is so little-known?

Beginning with the 15th of April, in 2009, everyone involved in Major League Baseball—players and all on-field personnel—wears number 42 on their jerseys to honor Jackie Robinson (whose now-retired number was 42). Why do you think this celebration occurs? Why does it occur on April 15th?

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