Digging for Dinosaurs in Tanzania

More than one hundred years ago, the Tendaguru Expedition took place in German East Africa. There researchers made a sensational discovery: a huge dinosaur cemetery. “Tendaguru” remains one of the most successful excavations of all time.

This historical image depicts the fossilized remains of a Giraffatitan (a sauropod dinosaur) uncovered at Tendaguru Hill in June of 1909. Digging for dinosaurs doesn’t always result in such a magnificent find as this discovery which was unearthed near the town of Lindi in today’s Tanzania (then German East Africa).

Click on the image for a better view.

Media Credits

Image online via the Naturkundemuseum Berlin; photo by unnamed photographer who was part of the Tendaguru Expedition in 1909. Image also online via Welt, a German-language website (see photo 6 of 12).


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