Dillinger - Escape from Crown Point Jail

In March of 1933, John Dillinger was in the Lake County jail, in Crown Point (Indiana), after being captured in Tucson, Arizona.  He was wanted for killing a detective during a bank robbery.

Reportedly using a homemade gun, which he fashioned from a wooden washboard, Dillinger escaped from the Crown Point jail on the 3rd of March.  Until this point in time, Dillinger had not violated any federal laws, so the federal government had no jurisdiction over him.

During the Crown Point break, however, Dillinger stole a car - the sheriff's - and drove it over state lines.  That was a federal offense, enabling Hoover and the special agents of the Bureau of Investigation (the predecessor of the FBI) to pursue Dillinger.

This clip (from Gangster File - The Sensational Truth: Bonnie & Clyde / Al Capone / Dillinger) uses important historical footage from such sources as the FBI and the U.S. National Archives.  The narration, however, is periodically inaccurate.  For example:

1.  The correct pronunciation of Lima (Ohio) is leye-ma (as in Lima Beans), not lee-ma (as in Lima, Peru).

2.  J. Edgar Hoover's agency was not called the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) at the time of the Crown Point jail break.  The gangster era (of 1933-34) helped to transform the Bureau of Investigation into the FBI, as we know it today.

3.  Billie Frechette, Dillinger's girlfriend, did not pronounce her name as the narrator does.  She used the French pronunciation.

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Clip from Gangster File - The Sensational Truth: Bonnie & Clyde / Al Capone / Dillinger.  Online, courtesy yakidk89's channel at YouTube.


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