Dillinger - Killed at the Biograph Theater

John Dillinger's visit to the Little Bohemia resort, in northern Wisconsin, took a very bad turn.  Three people were killed, including a federal agent.  Billie Frechette, Dillinger's girlfriend, was not with him since she was captured and charged with harboring a fugitive.

Three months later, Ana Sage (also known as Anna Sage), decided to give-up John Dillinger in exchange for help in avoiding deportation to her native country, Romania.  On the 22nd of July, 1934, a federal stake-out - at the Biograph Theater in Chicago - resulted in the death of John Dillinger. Move the video forward, to 4:51, for that part of the story.

After his death, it was rumored that the person gunned down at the Biograph was not Dillinger at all.  Some of the reasons for this included an allegedly different eye color and a still-noticeable dimple on the dead man's chin.  (Dillinger had plastic surgery to remove that distinctive facial feature.)

This clip (from Gangster File - The Sensational Truth: Bonnie & Clyde / Al Capone / Dillinger) uses important historical footage from such sources as the FBI and the U.S. National Archives.  The narration, however, is sometimes inaccurate.  For example:

1.  Billie Frechette, Dillinger's girlfriend, did not pronounce her name as the narrator does.  She used the French pronunciation.

2.  Homer Van Meter was not a "new accomplice" for John Dillinger.  The two men had known each other at Indiana's Pendleton Reformatory, and Van Meter had been in Dillinger's gang since Johnnie's parole in May of 1933.

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Clip from Gangster File - The Sensational Truth: Bonnie & Clyde / Al Capone / Dillinger.  Online, courtesy yakidk89's channel at YouTube.


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