Dinosaurs Roam the Earth

Fossilized dinosaurs are found throughout the world.  How might they have appeared when they were alive?  How did the surrounding land appear at that time?

In this BBC presentation, John Hurt (the narrator) helps us to better understand dinosaurs which lived during the Early/Middle Cretaceous Period.

From the BBC six-part series entitled "Planet Dinosaur," this is a clip from Episode 1 - "Lost World."

In its description of the series, the BBC explains the objective of “Planet Dinosaur” (and John Hurt’s role in it):

With no talking heads or dialogue, the narration of Planet Dinosaur forms an exceptionally crucial part of the series. And the voice of John Hurt was just what was needed. "I am quite choosy which programmes I narrate", says John Hurt, "but I was intrigued by the remarkable dinosaur discoveries made in the last ten years."

And unlike Walking with Dinosaurs, Planet Dinosaur shows the fossil evidence that forms the basis of the stories. "The juxtaposition of the story and the scientific developments is very good, it’s really well done", says Hurt.

But it also meant he had to read the lines in two slightly different manners – the storyline needed a bit of romanticism about it, whereas the scientific evidence had to be read in a more matter-of-fact way.

And of course there were the different dinosaur names to grapple with. "Some of the names were quite tricky,” he says. Which were the most difficult tongue-twisters? Sinornithosaurus and Saurornithoides.

You can explore how the BBC created the dinosaurs portrayed in the series - and - how the series’ writers created the story lines by visiting "Planet Dinosaur" at BBC One.

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Embedded video online via YouTube.  Copyright, BBC, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the "Planet Dinosaur" series.


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