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Greek stories tell us that Diomedes and Ajax were two of the greatest Greek warriors during the time of the Trojan War.

This image depicts what is believed to be a copy of an original statue of Diomedes, circa 3rd-2nd Century BC, which was found in Sperlonga, Italy (where the Roman emperor Tiberius once had a villa).  

Located along Italy's western coast, between Rome and Naples, that imperial villa faced a natural grotto where Tiberius enjoyed having dinner.  According to the ancient historians  Tacitus and Suetonius, the grotto collapsed in 26 AD (while Tiberius was in residence).

When that accident happened, Tiberius was nearly killed and his assemblage of statuary, depicting tales of the Homeric hero Odysseus (Ulysses), were smashed into thousands of fragments.

Archeologists found the remains of Tiberius’ statues in 1957.  The Sperlonga Museum, which opened in 1963, displays various finds from the emperor’s villa and reconstructions of the fragmented statues.

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Image online, courtesy Sperlonga Sculptures.




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