Do Legends Ever Predict Reality?

At least by the early-to-mid 18th century, Hawaiian culture included a legend about the birth of a great leader.

The story was told that on the day a fiery light—with feathers like a bird—appeared in the sky, that would be the day a great ruler was  born.  It was he who would unite all of the islands and would be known as a “killer of chiefs.”

On the day a baby boy called Pai’ea was born, as Halley’s Comet with its feather-like tail appeared in the sky, Alapa'i (the current ruler) ordered the child’s death. His parents, however, had already given the newborn to another nobleman to raise him.

Later, the baby Pai'ea was given a new name:  Kamehameha the Great, who was a “Killer of Chiefs.”

In light of this story, think about these questions:  Do legends ever predict reality—like the legend of Kamehameha's birth? If not, what do you make of the story (and its legendary prediction)?

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