Do People have a Sixth Sense?

Huck Finn had a “Pap” who regularly beat and abused his child. Although people thought Pap was dead, Huck wasn’t so sure. He seemed to have a sixth sense about his father.

When it seemed as though his Pap really was dead, Huck was relieved. He didn’t have to be afraid of him anymore. Then Huck began to think about things and concluded that Pap might not be dead after all. He began to worry that he might come back:

So I was uncomfortable again. I judged the old man would turn up again by and by, though I wished he wouldn't.

Huck seemed to have a “sixth sense” about his father (and other things, too). Do you think people actually have a “sixth sense,” or is this just something we read about in books or hear about in movies?

Have you ever had a “sixth sense” about something? Explain your answer.

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