Do People with Hardened Hearts Make Good Decisions?

At the beginning of WWI, neutral Americans sent food supplies to feed European troops and people. Then Germany invaded Belgium and sank the Lusitania, hardening the hearts of Americans against Germany.

Do you think people with hardened hearts make good decisions? Explain your answer.

Do political leaders, who are emotionally invested in an issue, make good decisions?  Explain your answer.

Can you think of political leaders, in the 21st-century, who were emotionally invested in an issue which then led to adverse consequences? Explain your answer.

By the end of WWI, about 65 million men had been mobilized, counting all warring nations. More than 8 million of those men died during the long conflict. Had national leaders for the warring countries known how deadly the fighting would be, do you think they would have tried harder to avoid war? Explain your answer.

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