Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock

This image depicts the Dome of the Rock—the third-holiest place in Islam—and Jerusalem’s skyline.  It is located on Temple Mount, in the “old city.”

The inscription for this building dates to 692 AD (or 72, in an Islamic year).  It was the first Islamic building, after Muhammad founded a new religion, which was so sumptuously appointed.

What does the Dome of the Rock signify?  Why, in other words, was it built?  

Tradition holds that it was built to commemorate Muhammad's "Night Journey" from Mecca to Jerusalem and his subsequent Ascension from the Rock to Heaven.  

This belief dates back to the early eighth century when Ibn Ishaq (an early Muslim historian, also known as Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Yasar, who lived in the eighth century) connected the two events in his biography Sirat Rasul Allah (“The Life of the Prophet of God”).

Ibn Ishaq is a key source of information about Muhammad.

It was Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, ruling between 685-705, who ordered the Dome's construction in Jerusalem.  The Dome of the Rock, at that early period in the history of Islam, had no precedent.  It greatly surpassed all previously erected Islamic buildings.

The purpose of the Dome of the Rock today is a commemorative one.  It is the most-recognizable feature of Jerusalem's city view.

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