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When an earthquake struck Port Royal, Jamaica - on the 7th of June, 1692 - significant parts of the town fell into the sea.

Eyewitness accounts were prepared and sent to the Royal Society in London by Dr. Hans Sloane.  The following is one of those accounts:

Jamaica, June 20, 1692

The terrible Earthquake which happen'd the 7th instant between Eleven and Twelve of the Clock at Noon, shook down and drowned Nine Tenths of the Town of Port Royal in two Minutes time, and all by the Wharf side in less than one; very few escap'd there.

I lost all my People and Goods, my Wife and two Men, Mrs. B and her Daughter.  One white Maid escap'd, who gave me an Account that her Mistress was in her Closet two Pair of Stairs high, and she was sent into the Garret, where was Mrs. B and her Daughter when she felt the Earthquake, and bid her take up her Child and run down; but turning about, met the Water at the top of the Garret Stairs; for the House sunk down right and is now near 30 Foot under Water.

My Son and I went that Morning to Liguania, the Earthquake took us in the Mid-way between that and Port-Royal, where we were near being overwhelmed by a swift rowling Sea, six foot above the Surface, without any Wind; but it pleased God to save us, being forced back to Liguania, where I found all Houses even with the Ground; not a place to put ones Head in...The Earth continues to shake five or six times in 24 hours, and often trembling.  Great part of the Mountains fell down, and fall daily... (Page 8 of 25 included in a "A Letter from Hans Sloane, M.D and S.R.S. with Several Accounts of the Earthquakes in...Jamaica...June the 7th, 1692," Presented to the Royal Society of London for the Advancement of Natural Knowledge.)

The darkened portions of the map, depicted in this image, represent the parts of Port Royal which were destroyed during the 7 June 1692 quake. 

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Image, described above, from submissions to the Royal Society of London.



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