Dunlap's Pennsylvania Packet - July 8, 1776 Article

Dunlap's Pennsylvania Packet-July 8, 1776 Article

One of the popular newspapers in Philadelphia, at the time of the Declaration, was The Pennsylvania Packet. Loyal to the Patriots' cause, it was published by John Dunlap (who served as an officer in the American Revolution and printed the first copies of the Declaration).

Issued on Mondays, the paper had a distinctive engraving of a ship at the center of its masthead.

Dunlap started his paper (also known as The General Advertiser) in the early 1770s and continued publishing it in Philadelphia until September 9, 1777 (when British forces occupied the city).

He moved his operations to Lancaster (Pennsylvania) until it was safe for him to return to Philadelphia (in June of 1778). This image is a reprint of the original July 8, 1776 article.

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