Vertical Limit: K2, The Savage Mountain - ED VIESTURS

This image, depicting Ed Viesturs, is online via RMI Guides. The website also provides a short bio of this famous mountaineer.


The world has fourteen mountains considered to be the ultimate climb. All are higher than 8,000 meters (26,000 feet). Ed Viesturs has climbed them all ... without the use of supplemental oxygen.

Atmospheric oxygen at that altitude is not like oxygen at sea level. Most people who climb above 8,000 meters need supplemental oxygen. Not Ed. Many of his high climbs have been without oxygen support. He is known as “The Chevy truck of mountaineering.” (Follow the link to hear and see him.)

Viesturs has been to the summit of Mt. Everest seven times. Born with genetics that allow him to climb without oxygen support, most of his Everest treks were also without supplemental oxygen.

As a guide, Viesturs makes the call whether members of his climbing group are capable of reaching the summit. Close friends with other elite climbers like Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, Ed was on Everest during the disastrous expedition of 1996. Neither Hall nor Fisher made it off the mountain that year.

Having conquered the summit of K2 and having made the critically acclaimed IMAX production of Everest, Viesturs was cast as the expert guide in Vertical Limit. Who better to play that role?

Not just an expert in the sport of mountain climbing, Viesturs photographs his subject. His fantastic pictures of alpine daring and splendor allow the rest of the world to marvel at a distance what he sees first-hand. But his first-hand experience making Vertical Limit was not on "The Savage Mountain" itself. The movie was not made on - or near - K2.

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