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Weak, emaciated men and women lay about the
mud-and-stick chamber, staring out of ghost eyes
at the white men. The virus was so toxic that it
caused their hair, fingernails and skin to fall off.
Those who healed grew new skin.

Laurie Garrett describing the 1976 outbreak in Sudan in
The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in
a World out of Balance (1994), at page 144

It is the late summer of 1976. Something is terribly wrong in remote areas of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Sudan.

With no warning, a disease is killing people in horrifying ways. It has to be a disease, because the killer is highly contagious.

Not a single person has a single clue about:

  • What is wrong;
  • How to help;
  • How to treat the illness;
  • How to prevent it;
  • How to cure it.

This is the story of Ebola, and how it swept into the world’s consciousness.

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