Edward VIII and His Battles over Wallis Simpson

American papers publish what the British papers will not publish about King Edward's relationship with Wallis Simpson. British people, reading the American papers, learn about their King's relationship with a married woman.

As the date of her second divorce nears - October 27, 1936 - the royal family (and the government) become increasingly worried about the King's intentions regarding Wallis.  Stanley Baldwin, the Prime Minister, will not be moved by any of the King's impassioned pleas to make Wallis queen.  It will NOT happen.

As David considers his options - whether to remain King or to abdicate the throne so he can marry Wallis - Bertie is concerned that he cannot fulfill the role of King.  How can he step into David's shoes when he was never groomed for the position?  How can he become King when people are always thinking about his ability to properly speak?

Then ... the decision is made.  King Edward VIII will abdicate and Bertie will become King George VI.  A special document, called an Instrument of Abdication, is created for the King's signature.  In his final job as Britain's monarch, he broadcasts a message to the people, telling them that he cannot be on the throne if he cannot be married to Wallis.

Media Credits

Clip from "Bertie & Elizabeth - The Story of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth," a 2002 television production.  Online, courtesy PBS and YouTube.

Giles Foster

Nigel Williams


James Wilby - Bertie/Duke of York/George VI

Juliet Aubrey - Elizabeth

Alan Bates - George V

Eileen Atkins - Queen Mary

Charles Edwards - Edward VIII

Production Co:

Carlton Television and Whitehall Films

Also aired, on PBS, in 2002 and 2005 (WGBH)


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