Eiffel Tower - Danger Bonuses and Unofficial Opening

When the Eiffel Tower reached 110 meters, a second platform was opened.  A third platform would be built at the 167-meter level.

The winter of 1888, however, was very harsh and workers felt the impact as they worked higher and higher.  Gustave Eiffel began to worry that the men would strike.

While Eiffel had turned his attention to the tower which shared his name, another building site was making front-page news, especially in France.  The Panama Canal - being dug to provide a shorter transportation route for ships traveling between the Atlantic and Pacific - was causing a disaster for its workers. 

Hundreds of men had died, from yellow fever, and people in charge of the project sought Eiffel's advice.  He and his team recommended that locks be installed. 

Meanwhile ... work on the Tower was finished.  As gateway to the Exposition, it welcomed everyone who came to the newest World's Fair.

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Media Credits

Clip from True Legend of the Eiffel Tower

Simon Brook

Simon Brook and Pascal Lainé

Key Cast Members:
Jacques Frantz - Gustave Eiffel

Annelise Hesme - Claire Eiffel

Nicolas Vaude - Edouard Barbier

Jean-Pierre Becker - Jean Compagnon

Marc Samuel - Minister Lockroy

Laurent Petitgirard 

Vincent Jeannot

Co-production France-Switzerland-Belgium; Canal+ / Le Musée d'Orsay / RTL-TVi / Télévision Suisse-Romande (TSR) / VAB

Dubbed in English (from French)

Release Date:  2005


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