Eiffel Tower - Opposition and Working Conditions

As the Eiffel Tower began to rise, a group of Parisian artists were upset about it.  They sent a letter, complaining that the project was in bad taste (among other things). 

Eiffel responded, and the project went forward despite the complaints.  Minister Édouard Lockroy, who greatly believed in the tower and what it would mean for France, was instrumental in keeping a positive focus as building continued.

Sixty million kilograms of iron - amounting to about three pounds for each French citizen - were sent to Eiffel's shop to be shaped and molded for the tower.  Once formed, those parts were sent to the work site on barges. 

The beams - temporarily put together at the firm - would be permanently installed by about 200 riveters hired to assemble the pre-fabricated parts.  They agreed to work six days a week, from sun-up to sun-down, with no breaks for holidays. 

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Media Credits

Clip from True Legend of the Eiffel Tower

Simon Brook

Simon Brook and Pascal Lainé

Key Cast Members:
Jacques Frantz - Gustave Eiffel

Annelise Hesme - Claire Eiffel

Nicolas Vaude - Edouard Barbier

Jean-Pierre Becker - Jean Compagnon

Marc Samuel - Minister Lockroy

Laurent Petitgirard 

Vincent Jeannot

Co-production France-Switzerland-Belgium; Canal+ / Le Musée d'Orsay / RTL-TVi / Télévision Suisse-Romande (TSR) / VAB

Dubbed in English (from French)

Release Date:  2005


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