Elizabeth Packard - Dr. Andrew McFarland

Illustration of the doctor who managed Elizabeth Packard-Dr. Andrew McFarland

At the time Elizabeth Packard was committed to the Illinois State Hospital, in Jacksonville, Dr. Andrew McFarland was the superintendent in charge.  Under Illinois law, it was Dr. McFarland who would have to agree with Elizabeth's husband - Theophilus - that his incoming "patient" was "insane."

He had no trouble doing so, either for Elizabeth or many other patients under his care.

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Media Credits

Illustration of Dr. Andrew McFarland, from Elizabeth Packard's 1873 book Modern Persecution, Volume I, frontispiece.  Vol I published in 1873 by "the authoress."  Printed and bound by Pelletreau & Raynor, New York City.  Online, courtesy Archive.org. 


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