Elizabeth and Theophilus Packard - A Discussion

After Elizabeth Packard began expressing her views on religious topics, in a Bible-study class held in her village of Manteno (Illinois), her husband received a warning from church authorities. They wanted him to stop his wife from attending the class and vocalizing her thoughts.

Eight years later, Elizabeth published a book - The Prisoners' Hidden Life - in which she describes how she first learned that her views were causing consternation among church leaders.

At first she did not sense anything was wrong.  Her husband extended his arms to her, and they began to talk.

Packard tells the story, from her point of view, beginning at page 17.

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Media Credits

Page 17 of Elizabeth Packard's book, The Prisoner's Hidden Life, published by Packard in 1868.  The book was printed and bound by A.B. Case (Chicago).

Online, courtesy Archive.org.


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