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In setting-out to tell the story of Howard Hughes, the reclusive billionaire, the authors of Empire faced a daunting task.  Despite the vast amount of publicly available resources regarding their subject, almost nothing was in the same place. 

Without archival holdings in a library, or major institution, they had to piece-together - bit by bit - the story of Hughes.  Working on the book, they:

...compiled the single largest collection of Hughes documents and records outside the Hughes organization itself, the largest and most powerful privately controlled business empire in the country.  We examined more than a quarter-million pages of records and documents, from which we produced, or in some instances, handcopied, some fifty thousand pages.  The material was gathered from sources in more than fifty cities in twenty-three states and five foreign countries...The papers were drawn from nearly fifty different offices, agencies, and departments of local, state, and federal governments, from the Los Angeles Police Department to the Department of Defense, from the Nevada Gaming Commission to the Quebec Securities Commission.  (See Empire, page 12.)

The result is the story of Howard Hughes and his empire.

Thanks to W. W. Norton & Company - and Google Books - significant sections of Empire: The Life, Legend, and Madness of Howard Hughes, by Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele, are available for online reading.

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