Eugene Sledge - Keeping Notes at Peleliu

The battle for Peleliu was supposed to be quick and easy.  It was just the opposite.  To make matters worse, the temperature soared as did the humidity.  The conditions, for the men, quickly became unbearable.

The fight for Bloody Nose Ridge turned into one long nightmare.  "You could see guys just falling all around you," says Sledge.  Each one who fell, "was some mother's son," and the scenes of carnage never left Sledge's mind.

Although Marines were not supposed to write about their battles, Sledge kept meticulous track of the miseries he and his K/3/5 buddies endured.  His notepad was his New Testament.  He used those notes, years later, to write With the Old Breed.

The Japanese used infiltration - especially at night - to attack the Allied troops.  Because they were safely tucked-away in their reinforced caves and pillboxes, Japanese were able to rest during the day.  They were, says Sledge, "incredibly brave."

At one moment, Sledge found himself nearly face-to-face with a Japanese rifle.  Fortunately, he was able to duck in time to save his life.  It wasn't the only time he nearly died.

When he personally killed a man, for the first time, Sledge was himself pained by the death he had caused.  He began to wonder whether the war would deprive all who fought of their humanity.

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Media Credits

Clip from "Sledgehammer:  Old Breed Marine," by Lou Reda Productions.  Online, courtesy The History Channel.


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