Eugene Sledge - Life After the War

After the war, Eugene Sledge spent several months in China with the occupying forces.  When he returned to the States, he had a difficult time adjusting to life in America.  Nightmares, from his combat experience, were just one of the issues which haunted him.

He studied at Auburn University and became a scientist.  It was one way for Sledge to put distance between the war and his new life.  He also exchanged letters with parents of other Marines, whose sons had died at Peleliu.

He married Jeanne Arceneaux, had two sons, was awarded a PhD (from the University of Florida) and became a biology professor at the University of Montevallo.  He was much-loved by his family, friends and students.  Studs Terkel (the oral historian) recorded Sledge in a six-part audio interview.

Sledge died on the 3rd of March, 2001, following a battle with stomach cancer.  His popular book, With the Old Breed, is a major source for the HBO series, "The Pacific."

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Clip from "Sledgehammer:  Old Breed Marine," by Lou Reda Productions.  Online, courtesy The History Channel.


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