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St. Patrick had churches built in Ireland.  They were very small and unpretentious.  This drawing is an example of one. 

We can learn more about St. Patrick's churches from Library Ireland:

Nearly all the churches in the time of St. Patrick, and for several centuries afterwards, were of wood. But this was by no means universally the case; for little stone churches were erected from the earliest Christian times.  The early churches, built on the model of those introduced by St. Patrick, were small and plain, seldom more than sixty feet long, sometimes not more than fifteen, always a simple oblong, never cruciform; almost universally placed east and west, with the door in the west end.

...The remains of little stone churches, of these antique patterns, of ages from the fifth or sixth century to the tenth or eleventh, are still to be found all over Ireland.

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Illustration and quoted passage from A SMALLER SOCIAL HISTORY OF ANCIENT IRELAND by P. W. Joyce.  1906

Book online, courtesy Library Ireland.


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