F-4 Phantom II

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The "F-4 Phantom" - a military jet made by McDonnell Douglas - was often called "the workhorse of Vietnam."

The Department of Defense provides more information about the F-4 we see in this image:

Primary Function:  All-weather fighter-bomber.

Contractor:  McDonnell Aircraft Co., McDonnell Corporation.

Power Plant:  Two General Electric turbojet engines with afterburners.

Thrust:  17,900 pounds (8,055 kilograms).

Length:  62 feet, 11 inches (19.1 meters).

Height:  16 feet, 5 inches (5 meters).

Wingspan:  38 feet, 11 inches (11.8 meters).

Speed:  More than 1,600 mph (Mach 2).

Ceiling:  60,000 feet (18,182 meters).

Maximum Takeoff Weight:  62,000 pounds (27,900 kilograms).

Range:  1,300 miles (1,130 nautical miles).

Armament:  Four AIM-7 Sparrow and four AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles, AGM-65 Maverick missiles, AGM-88 HARM missile capability, and one fuselage centerline bomb rack and four pylon bomb racks capable of carrying 12,500 pounds (5,625 kilograms) of general purpose bombs.

Here we see an F-4 Phanton II in action, dropping its payload over Vietnam.

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Image online, courtesy U.S. Department of Defense.



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