FDR and Einstein's Fourth Letter

Photograph of U.S. President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was a victim of polio

The President, a polio survivor, was unable to use his legs throughout his presidency.  He was, very infrequently, photographed in a wheelchair - as he was here, with a "polio poster child."

In March of 1945, Einstein sent the President a letter of concern about the use of atomic power. Among other things, he says:

The terms of secrecy under which Dr. Szilard is working at present do not permit him to give me information about his work; however, I understand that he now is greatly concerned about the lack of adequate contact between scientists who are doing this work [i.e., developing the bomb] and those members of your Cabinet who are responsible for formulating policy [i.e., using the bomb, if it were successfully tested].

FDR died before he could read Einstein's fourth letter (dated March 25, 1945).

Media Credits

Photo, U.S. National Archives.

Quoted reference, from Einstein's March 25, 1945 letter, a facsimile of which is at the U.S. National Archives.



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