Feynman, Dr. Richard P. - BBC Interview

During a jaw-dropping moment in the Challenger investigation, Dr. Richard Feynman demonstrated why he believed that faulty o-rings caused the disaster. Without any regard to politics, he freely spoke his mind about major safety concerns.

Who was Dr. Feynman? This video clip, from The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (a 1981 interview tracking Feynman's book of the same name), reveals the personality of a man who worked on the Manhattan Project (to develop the atomic bomb), greatly expanded our understanding of quantum electrodynamics (his specialty), translated Mayan hieroglyphics (one of his passions) and strikingly cross examined a NASA official (during his work on the Rogers Commission).

The entire documentary, from which this clip is an excerpt, is also available, online, via YouTube.


Clip from BBC Horizon/PBS Nova, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, Richard Feynman Interview (1981).

Online, courtesy PBS. Copyright, BBC Horizon, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the production.


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