Finding Robert the Missing H-Bomb

Visible Damage Observed on the Recovered Bomb

This image depicts "Robert," the missing H-bomb which fell into the Mediterranean Sea (off the coast of Spain) on January 17, 1966.

We can see damage to the bomb (a B28) which had a maximum yield of 1.45 megatons.  It is missing its tail fins and has a dented nose.

Beyond its value as historical evidence of the 1966 nuclear-weapons incident, this image is important as one of the first-ever published images of an American hydrogen bomb.

The U.S. Navy identifies the people in this picture.  They are, left-to-right:

  • Sr. Don Antonio Velilla Manteca, chief of the Spanish Nuclear Energy Board in Palomares;
  • Brigadier General Arturo Montel Touzet, Spanish coordinator for the search and recovery operation;
  • Rear Admiral William S. Guest, commander of U.S. Navy Task Force 65; and
  • Major General Delmar E. Wilson, commander of the Sixteenth Air Force.

Robert, the nuclear bomb, went missing after a mid-air refueling event resulted in a disastrous mid-air collision.

Click on the image for a better view.

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Original Release: Oct 07, 2013

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Media Credits

Image online, courtesy U.S. Navy.



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