Fire in the Lake by Frances FitzGerald

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This landmark, prize-winning book examines not only the cultural differences between America and Vietnam but also the differences between cultures in North and South Vietnam.

In 1954, Vietnam was gaining its independence from France after 70 years of colonial rule.  How likely was it that a decade later it would welcome another Western power into its territory?  And ... if South Vietnam's leaders welcomed America, did the South Vietnamese people agree?

So many questions about Vietnam abound.  Not the least include: 

  • What was America trying to accomplish with this war? 
  • Why couldn't the most-powerful nation on Earth prevail in Vietnam? 
  • America had won its own revolution based on guerilla war, against Britain.  Did America's military leaders think that such a thing could not happen again, in another country (with the tables turned)?

Vietnam became a turning point for Americans and American history.  This book helps us to understand a bit more about the conflict and the cultural differences between the various stakeholders.

Thanks to Hachette Digital, Inc., and Google Books, segments of this work are available for online reading.

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