Firing Squad - First Group

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This image depicts a view of “The Mock Execution of Dostoevsky,” an oil-on-masonite by Alton Tobey which the artist created, in 1956, for an article in Life magazine.

Known as an artist who meticulously researched his subjects, Tobey tells us how he imagined the ordeal which Dostoevsky endured:

It also called for researching grave clothes, uniforms, rifles, and shipboard setting. Tobey himself to visualize the ground plan of the scene; "I close my eyes," he recalls, "and mentally walked around that deck, looking over the shoulders of the firing squad. Finally, I decided that to place the viewer directly behind the condemned men strapped to the posts would carry the strongest emotional impact.

Alton Tobey created many other works based on meticulous research. His paintings help to bring history alive.

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Image of Alton Tobey painting, copyright Alton Tobey, all rights reserved.  Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to introduce new viewers to his work.


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