Flags Of Our Fathers - Summary

With the story of Iwo Jima’s famous flag-raising, Clint Eastwood has made an iconic moment in American history come alive. By telling the tale through the eyes of men who raised the second (replacement) flag, he takes his audience into the heart of danger.

 As John (“Doc”) Bradley, Ryan Philippe leads the cast of six flag-raisers. Before the month-long battle is finally over, half of the six will die. Those who survive - especially Ira Hayes (played by Adam Beach) - will wonder why they lived and so many of their buddies did not.

In this story behind the movie, examine hundreds of photos which were taken during the battle and are now part of America’s military records. See pictures of the first flag-raising (which produced an emotional outburst from soldiers who witnessed it), and learn the story of the second (more famous) attempt (which was used by the Roosevelt administration to raise money for the war effort).

Take a virtual trip to Iwo Jima and to its dormant volcano, Mt. Suribachi. Inspect the scenes of battle and the Japanese defenses, meet the actual flag-raisers, learn why Iwo Jima was so hotly contested and see how Americans used the island after gaining its control.

Navajo Code Talkers played a key role in the capture of Iwo Jima. Discover how that code was created - and used - to minimize loss of life in one of the fiercest battles of the war.

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