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  • AwesomeStories is your website for intriguing information supporting your research and exploration.
  • Enjoy learning and sharing surprising revelations with your friends, family, teachers and classmates. 
  • Practice reading for information, reading non-fiction works, and identifying voice in our stories.
  • Learn new vocabulary in context and expand your access to new knowledge.
  • Meet common core standards while exploring topics that interest you.

Handy Links

StoryCalendar What happened today in history?
Website Guide PDF guide of how to find "what is where" here at AwesomeStories.
Topic Search Search story by topics, find what piques your interests.
Media Search Discover audio, video, documents, images and more here.
StoryDirectory Dynamic list of recently added or edited stories + collection listings.
Student Stories Find stories written by student members from around the country.
Top 10 Reasons A quick glance at reasons why learning with AwesomeStories rocks!

Get Research Support Here!

StoryMaker Video on using StoryMaker for class assignments and personal narratives.
Visual Vocabulary  A great way to learn words to enhance your writing and dazzle your friends.
Cite Right Learn how to give sources and creators of great content the credit they deserve!
Be a Super Sleuth Discover and credit photos, drawings, paintings and illustrations to enhance your research.
Find, Research and Write a Great Story Here are some tips to make your work sizzle and sing!


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