Ford Model T Assembly Line - 1919

This video clip depicts the early days of a revolutionary concept in the making of cars - the assembly line.  It was created by Henry Ford, for the Model T. 

The scenes in this 1919 archival footage, of Model-T production workers at Ford's Highland Park plant, include the following:

  • Opens with shields and running boards being positioned and secured, followed by views of Highland Park workers on the assembly line assembling the Ford Model T. 
  • Includes crane lowering chassis to body, securing the fenders, installing the radiator, placing the hood, installing and filling the gas tank, assembling the dash, and attaching wheels and tires. 
  • Close-ups of engine, transmission, starting button, and generator. 
  • In closing, a Model T is driven on a deeply rutted road.

The Model T was introduced on October 1, 1908.  More than 15 million - all of them black - were eventually sold before the model was no longer made.

Historians credit Henry Ford's assembly line as the catalyst for putting America on wheels. 

Media Credits

Video clip (THF_HFS_V.200.FC.2608) of Ford's 1919 Highland Park assembly line, online courtesy the Henry Ford Museum. 



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