Ford Model T Assembly Line - 1919

This video clip depicts the early days of a revolutionary concept in the making of cars - the assembly line.  It was created by Henry Ford, for the Model T. 

The scenes in this 1919 archival footage, of Model-T production workers at Ford's Highland Park plant, include the following:

  • Opens with shields and running boards being positioned and secured, followed by views of Highland Park workers on the assembly line assembling the Ford Model T.  
  • Includes crane lowering chassis to body, securing the fenders, installing the radiator, placing the hood, installing and filling the gas tank, assembling the dash, and attaching wheels and tires.  
  • Close-ups of engine, transmission, starting button, and generator.  
  • In closing, a Model T is driven on a deeply rutted road.

The Model T was introduced on October 1, 1908.  More than 15 million - all of them black - were eventually sold before the model was no longer made.

Historians credit Henry Ford's assembly line as the catalyst for putting America on wheels.

95 (or so) Years Later
Things Have Changed!

The automotive assembly line is still part of car-making, in the 21st century, but the scene today looks very different from the scene in 1919.

Instead of people running and manning every aspect of the work, we now have a combination of people and robots. Thanks to Tesla and WIRED, we can take a virtual visit to see how Tesla makes its Model S.

Have a look at what 3000 people and 160 bots can do!


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Original Release: Aug 15, 2013

Updated Last Revision: Apr 15, 2015

Media Credits

Video clip (THF_HFS_V.200.FC.2608) of Ford's 1919 Highland Park assembly line, online courtesy the Henry Ford Museum.  PD


Embedded video clip via WIRED's Channel at YouTube.


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