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Before World War II, many Jewish people lived in Poland.  Were they welcomed there?  Did they get on well with the rest of the country's population?

Warsaw was not just a cultural center for Poles, it was also a cultural center for Polish Jews.  Did the cultures overlap?  Were they competitive?

Poland had Nazi death camps, like Auschwitz and Birkenau, but the non-Jewish population of Poland also suffered tremendously.  What was the cost, to them, of the Nazi invasion and occupation of their country?

Historians estimate that a large percentage of Poles died during Hitler's onslaught against Poland.  Then, after the war was over, Poland ended-up in the "Warsaw Pact" (an alliance of Eastern-European countries).  How did that happen?  Did the Poles have anything to do with such a decision or did someone else decide their future for them?

There was another holocaust in Poland - a Forgotten Holocaust - which Dr. Richard Lukas argues needs to be remembered.  The publisher tells us more about this book:

"Forgotten Holocaust" has become a classic of World War II literature. As Norman Davies noted, "Dr Richard Lukas has rendered a valuable service, by showing that no one can properly analyse the fate of one ethnic community in occupied Poland without referring to the fates of others. In this sense, The Forgotten Holocaust is a powerful corrective". This 3rd edition includes a new preface by the author, a new foreword by Norman Davies, a short history of ZEGOTA, the underground government organisation working to save the Jews, and an annotated listing of many Poles executed by the Germans for trying to shelter and save Jews.

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