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Francois Pienaar took more controversial steps after the 1995 World Cup triumph.  Upset about the low pay of rugby players in his country - and elsewhere - he lead a walkout of top international players.  That act caused Pienaar to be ostracized by the South African Board.

Mandela supported Pienaar's decision to earn much better pay in Britain, where he moved to play rugby with the London-based Saracens.  His book, Rainbow Warrior, tells the story of his life and career.

As described by the publisher - Harper Collins Willow:

It is the first-hand account of a man who grew up in a strong Afrikaaner heartland to unite his country, the new South Africa, the rainbow nation, not just in rugby but across the wide spectrum of international relations.

Today, Pienaar and his family are back in South Africa.  They remain close to Mandela.

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Image of Rainbow Warrior's cover, online courtesy Waterstone's.

Rainbow Warrior (by Francois Pienaar and Edward Griffiths)





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