Franz Wegeler - Beethoven Reports "I am Deaf"

Franz Wegeler received a letter from Beethoven Reporting

Beethoven's surviving letters tell us more about his deafness.  He appears to have first confided his "secret" to a person he could trust. 

On the 29th of June, 1800, he wrote to his long-time friend Franz Wegeler (who married Eleonore von Beuning):

I may say that I live a wretched existence. For almost two years I have avoided all social gatherings because it is impossible for me to tell the people I am deaf. If my vocation were anything else it might be more endurable, but under the circumstances the condition is terrible; besides what would my enemies say, - they are not few in number!

To give you an idea of this singular deafness let me tell you that in the theatre I must lean over close to the orchestra in order to understand the actor; if I am a little remote from them I do not hear the high tones of instruments and voices; it is remarkable that there are persons who have not observed it, but because I am generally absent-minded my conduct is ascribed to that.
. . .
I beg you not to tell anyone about this; don't say even a word to Lorchen [Eleonore].  I only tell it you as a secret . . .

Pray forgive me for telling you of a friend's trouble . . . Steffen Breuning [Eleonore's brother] is now here, and we are together almost daily. 
. . .
I have never forgotten a single one of you dear good people, although you never get any news from me; but writing, as you well know, was never a strong point with me - years, even, have passed without my best friends receiving anything.  I only live in my music, and I have scarcely begun one thing when I start on another.  As I am now working, I am often engaged on three or four things at the same time.

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Portrait of Dr. Franz Wegeler, online courtesy "Mad About Beethoven."

Quoted passage from Beethoven's Letters, by Ludwig van Beethoven, edited by Alfred Christlieb Kalischer, et al., pages 18-21.


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