From Genocide of Culture to Genocide of Nation

After government officials carry out Stalin's orders, to appropriate Ukraine's wheat during 1932-33, they sell that wheat outside of Ukraine. In so doing, Stalin has crushed the Ukrainian people after he also tried to crush their culture.

O. Bily created this political poster—entitled “From Genocide of Culture to Genocide of Nation”—depicting what happened to Ukrainians when Stalin’s orders created a man-made famine in their country, between 1932-33, causing so may people to die of hunger.

The work is available online via Holodomor Research & Education Consortium. It is part of a collection of art, created over eight decades, depicting the suffering of Ukrainians during the Holodomor (Ukraine’s description of the time when Stalin’s orders caused massive starvation and widespread death in Ukraine).

The collection is called “Holodomor; Through the Eyes of Ukrainian Artists." It came together as a result of considerable efforts by E. Morgan Williams. The Consortium provides this description of the painting:

This is a political poster, drawn and colored, depicting a Soviet solider breaking pysanky. Pysanky are coloured eggs, an art form using bee's wax and dyes and are traditionally made around Easter by Ukrainians.

He is breaking the pysanky with a scythe, which is usually used to cut wheat, which is how they starved millions pf Ukrainians, but taking away their food, their main food being wheat. The pysanky are broken at his feet and appear to be bleeding blood, representing the death of both Ukrainians and their culture.

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Media Credits

Holodomor Research & Education Consortium' political cartoon by O. Bily.


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