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By May of 1993, George Jung was in deep trouble. Not long after he posed for this picture, which was published in the Cape Cod Times, he went to prison for twenty years.


George thought he'd never get married. He didn't think he could ever be monogamous. But what if he had a chance to marry into the cartel? That held some promise.

He found that chance with a fiery 24-year-old Cuban, Mirtha Calderon. Before long they had a beautiful daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

Named after George's father (Christian Frederick Jung) and the state where she was born (Florida), Kristina was only two when the police infiltrated her father's close circle. Busted from within, George recalls the night the police took his daughter from her bed in the family's Eastham (Cape Cod) home:

I was pretty fried at the time, and it took a while for it to dawn on me what was happening. I was thinking it was such a little bit of coke, how could you possibly get arrested for that? They didn't know it, but there was fifty kilos in the chimney and three hundred thousand in cash behind the medicine cabinet. Except then I saw the cops lifting Kristina out of the crib. That's when it finally got to me, when I started to get upset. I mean, at two years old. The baby's first bust.   (Blow, page 241.)

Not wanting to serve a 10-year mandatory sentence, George jumped bail. The family left their home in Eastham, headed for Miami. On the way, they stopped to tell George's parents they'd be gone for awhile. It wasn't a good scene.

Fred and Ermine (George's mother) had had enough. George recalls:

Fred looked at me, and he said,  "I'm sorry, but this is the end. Your mother and I just don't want you to come back. We just can't take it anymore. We're too old. We love you. Good luck, and good-bye."   (Blow, page 243.)

Later, when he was back in prison and knew his father was dying, the feds would have allowed George to say goodbye to his father. But the rest of the family wouldn't allow it.

George had to say goodbye in a letter.

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