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Angry Russian women, unable to buy ingredients to bake bread for their families, are upset in the town of Bogorodsk. On October 1, 1915, they've had enough and throw stones into shop windows. When the police force them away from the shops, they (and thousands of others) gather in the town square to protest a lack of basic provisions.


He was only ten when the serious trouble started. Serious trouble in the realm, that is.

Alexei, the fifth child and only son of Nicholas II ("Tsar of all the Russias") and Alexandra ("the Tsarina" and "the Empress") had his own source of trouble. He had hemophilia.

Known by his nickname, Alexei was a hemophiliac in the days when the disease was fatal. Known by his title, the tsarevich was a hemophiliac in the days when the monarchy did not reveal its secrets.

How would Russians have reacted if they knew their next Tsar had a serious illness? Turns out, probably a lot better had they known the truth. At least the Russian people would have understood why their Tsar seemed to pay much more attention to the needs of his wealthy family than he paid to the needs of his impoverished people.

At least ... they would not have viewed a father's love as a ruler's indifference.

By the time average Russians knew Alexei had a serious illness, however, they were well beyond the point of caring. Their country was at war and people were starving. Many soldiers were fighting in their bare feet. Russia needed to change, but the man at the helm did not hear the cries of his people.

Alexei's father was losing his grip on the power he thought was divinely ordained.


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