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This map depicts the location of the Gedrosian Desert which presented so many challenges to Alexander the Great and his forces.

Today, the general area is known as Balochistan (Baluchistan), with the previously-called "Gedrosian Desert" in the southern part of Balochistan.  Much of this region is located in today’s Pakistan.

We learn more about its names (and location) from Encyclopedia Iranica:

GEDROSIA (or Kedrosia), a place-name known only from Classical sources. In the Alexander biographies and later geographies the name was used to denote much of present-day southern Baluchistan in south Pakistan and southeast Persia.

...Arrian [an ancient chronicler using even-more ancient sources to write about Alexander] says that it took Alexander sixty days to traverse Gedrosia from east to west...The coast of Gedrosia was described by Nearchos, Alexander’s admiral, whose account has partly survived in Arrian’s Indica (pp. 20 ff.).

Southern Baluchistan is still a sparsely populated area. There is a general lack of water, and this situation, judging from Alexander’s problems crossing Baluchistan, cannot have been much different in ancient times.

It is therefore perhaps not so surprising that the name of Gedrosia is never mentioned in Achaemenid sources; instead we find the name of Maka (e.g., DB 1.17), which covered much of the coastline along the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. It is likely that both names indicate the same region.

The center of Gedrosia, and its capital Pura, cannot be located with certainty, but it is clear from the Alexander biographies that it lay west of the main Gedrosian deserts. It should therefore be placed in Persian Baluchistan, possibly in the Bampur oasis.

Isn't it interesting that thousands of years later, the same type of conditions which Alexander and his men faced—in the Gedrosian Desert—still exist?

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