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"Erin Brockovich", Helping People, Erin Brockovich, Fair Use.

Generosity is the character attribute that demonstrates a readiness to show appreciation for - and to return - kindness.  It is being thankful for what you have and willing to share it with others.  Generosity means you can give to other without expecting anything in return.

One person who symbolizes generosity is Erin Brockovich.  This single mother fought for endless hours for strangers she did not know but whom she knew were being slowly poisoned by a company's reckless poisoning of the ground water of a community.  She gave of her time and energy selflessly to help those who could not help themselves.  You can read about Erin Brockovich's great generosity here:  Erin Brockovich

Her are other stories about people who demonstrated generosity:

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