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USS Bogue (CVE-9) - an escort aircraft carrier with 24 planes - was patrolling the waters south of Cape Farewell on the 22nd of May, 1943. The ship and her crew encountered a German submarine, U-569 (a Type VIIC).

LTJG (Lieutenant, Junior Grade) William F. Chamberlain, piloting a TBF-1 (Avenger) carried aboard the Bogue, was accompanied by his crew: Don Clark, AMM 2/c turret gunner and James O. Stine, ARM 2/c radioman. The men attacked U-569, dropping depth charges.

This image - a photograph taken by Jim Stine, the radioman - depicts a scene during the attack. Two depth bombs have already hit the water while two other are still in flight. Note that one is rolling off the port side of U-569's deck, aft of the conning tower.

A second depth charge, in flight, appears to have lost its flat nose covering. This seems to indicate that the weapon has ricocheted because of the low-impact angle.

The U-boat was badly damaged by this attack and had to surface. Another TBF Avenger, piloted by Lieutenant Howard Roberts, bombed her.

Although the Allies were hoping to capture U-569, the crew scuttled their ship. Of the men onboard, 25 (some accounts say 24) survived but 21 were lost.

Historians note that this photo is one of the best of the U-boat war since it shows a battle in process.

USS Bogue survived World War II. She received a Presidential Unit Citation and three battle stars for her service during the war. She was decommissioned in November of 1946 and was turned into scrap (in Japan) during 1960.

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