Gestapo - Secret State Police of the Nazis

The Gestapo derives its name from Geheime Staatspolizei - the secret state police of Nazi Germany. 

As reported by the BBC:

The Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei) was the secret state police of Nazi Germany. It mercilessly removed opposition to the Nazis within Germany and throughout German-occupied territories and rounded up Jews for deportation to death camps.

It was established by Hermann Goering, Prussian Minister of the Interior.

Heinrich Himmler became head of both the SS (the Nazi paramilitary corps) and the Gestapo.

This video clip of historical footage, also from the BBC, provides some background on the Gestapo - and the deeds its members carried out during World War II. 

The song, at the beginning, is "Wenn Wir Marschieren."  Its first verse, in German, is:

Wenn wir marschieren
ziehn wir zum deutschen Tor hinaus,
schwarzbraunes Madel
du bleibst zuhaus.
Darum mein Madel, Madel, wink, wink, wink
unter einer grünen Lialind
sitzt ein kleiner Fink, Fink, Fink
singt nur immer: Madel, wink.

This is the English translation of that verse:

When we're marching
We exit from the German gate
My black-brown girl, you stay at home.
Therefore my girl, wave, wave, wave!
Under a green linden tree,
A little finch sits
Finch, finch, finch, keep singing: Girl wave!

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Clip online, courtesy BBC Archives.


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