Getman Painting - The Preacher

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Although life in the GULAG forced-labor camps was atrocious, some individuals tried to maintain a positive outlook.  

Nikolai Getman created this painting to remember such individuals who did their best to encourage others in a most-discouraging environment.  Global Museum on Communism us more about the meaning of this scene:

An Old Believer - a member of the old Orthodox faith, as evidenced by his beard and posture of the two fingers on his left hand - was convicted by the Soviets for his beliefs. This individual is encouraging two prisoners at a work site, telling them that good will triumph over evil.

The younger convicts, like the man seated on the wall, and the new ones, like the man seated on the ground, were most vulnerable to depression. Men like this priest would offer support at their own risk. Such behavior could lead to extra punishment.

Getman called the painting, depicted in this image, “The Preacher.”

Media Credits

Image, described above, online courtesy Global Museum on Communism (The Gulag.org).  Original painting maintained by the Jamestown Foundation.



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