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Since very few Giganotosaurus  fossils have been discovered, how do we know about their physical characteristics? What did they look like?

From what paleontologists have found, in Argentina, we know that Giganotosaurus  was a carcharodontosaurid. In other words, it was a giant carnivore at least as big—or bigger—than T. rex.

Despite its huge size, Giganotosaurus  ran really fast. The BBC features this carcharodontosaurid in its “Planet Dinosaur” series and tells us more about its speed:

The carcharodontosaurids were a group of giant carnivorous dinosaurs that rivaled and even exceeded Tyrannosaurus in size.

Scientists have calculated that one of them, Giganotosaurus, could run at 50 km/h, which is just slower than an ostrich, but 13 km/h faster than a gold medal-winning Olympic sprinter.

The BBC also reveals how Giganotosaurus  may have appeared in this still shot from “Walking with Dinosaurs.”

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Image, depicted above, from the BBC's "Walking with Dinosaurs." Copyright, BBC, all rights reserved. Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers/readers with the "Walking with Dinosaurs" productions.


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